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Survivors of Violence Foundation

survivors of violence foundationImproving physical scars and wounds through medical science and compassion.

Our dream is that victims of violence will receive the grace of healing physically, mentally and emotionally.


To provide hope and compassionate healing to the survivors we meet.

May 12, 2015 Click Image for Info

May 12, 2015
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The Victims of Violence Foundation believes that surgical and therapeutic treatment can provide a healing touch to the soul that impacts the health and well being of people recovering from traumatic situations.  Often people carry the physical scars of abuse and violence that become daily reminders of trauma that prevent a peaceful recovery.  Healing treatments can make a difference in how quickly the person recovers, regains strength and self-esteem.

Our mission is to bring compassionate care and healing to victims suffering from painful physical injuries or disfigurements caused by violence or abuse, by providing reconstructive treatment that provides both physical and emotional healing that alleviates suffering and improves the quality of life of survivors with the greatest financial and health care needs.

To bring healing to the lives of as many of these survivors as we can is a privilege for us.  We are very excited about the potential of helping people uncover their inner strength and beauty, and we look forward to expanding with treatments throughout the community.

Hear from Survivors of Violence

Link to CBS National New Interview with Royia Grizzell and Dr. Chernoff

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Dr. Chernoff’s Personal Mission

Dr. Chernoff has first hand experience of the physical and psychological damage caused by violence, abuse, injury, illness, or disfigurement. As a result of this experience, Dr. Chernoff connects with victims and has made it his personal mission to help victims heal their physical wounds. He believes that by helping heal the physical wounds, victims emotional healing can begin.

Using cosmetic reconstructive surgery, laser, and scar therapy, Dr. Chernoff helps heal the physical signs of injury and disfigurement.

“We have the privilege of helping men, women, and children who have injuries, physical scars, or non-healing wounds as a result of violence acts, abuse, injury, illness, or birth defect. Our foundation works with non-profit organizations as well as Law Enforcement agencies.”

These organizations refer victims to our center for care or contact Dr. Chernoff directly if emergency surgery is required.

Dr. Chernoff has extensive experience and expertise treating non-healing wounds, injuries, fractured facial bones, scars of all levels of severity using a series of therapies. These therapies range from minimally to moderately invasive lasers, injectable cellular therapy, stem cell therapy, and reconstructive surgical or surgical revision.

Link to WISH TV News Interview – Dr. Chernoff discusses new fibroblast therapy

Requests for Treatment:

All requests for services are given careful consideration by the Foundation’s Allocation Committee. For more information on the criteria and selection process, please submit a letter of request to:


Survivors of Violence Foundation

9002 North Meridian Street, Suite 205

Indianapolis, IN 46260


The Survivors of Violence Foundation is operating under the Royia Grizzell Foundation for Victims of Violence, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2002.

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My entire family has genetic jowling. My sister first went to Dr. Chernoff and had a facelift and her results looked so natural that I wanted to Dr. Chernoff. I went to Dr. Chernoff for a Face and Neck Lift. It was the best experience.  


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