Whatever Happened to Silicone Injections?

Although silicone injections are illegal in the US, many women still receive them. If you ask two or three of your closest beauty-savvy friends whether silicone can be used to augment the lips, buttocks, face, hands or breasts, I’m betting they will say yes. Unfortunately, liquid silicone is often used off-label or on the black market by unqualified providers. You can see from the photo at left that Priscilla Presley’s face was nearly ruined from silicone injections that her doctor told her were “better than Botox.”

Silicone injections first became popular in the 1950s, when they were injected into breasts as a sort of augmentation-without-an implant.  Unfortunately, the injections caused infections, deformities and bumps and were eventually banned by the FDA. Because micro-droplet injections for scars are not banned by the FDA, however, some physicians continue to inject silicone.

Because it lasts forever, silicone does not adapt to aging tissue. The only way to reverse the damage incurred—with a surgical procedure, which might not remove all the silicone or correct the visible effects. Lisa Rinna recently underwent surgery to remove the silicone in her lips, which were injected in the ’80s.

Our plastic surgery practice has a plethora of FDA approved dermal fillers in Indianapolis. Collagen lip augmentation is a much more reliable result than silicone ever was. Sculptra Aesthetic is another option—not for the lips, but an excellent filler for the cheeks and other facial areas.

If you hear from a friend or family member that they are considering silicone injections, please share this blog post with them. It could save them a great deal of discomfort, wasted money and very disappointing results.

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Dr. Gregory Chernoff

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