Where You Live Affects Your Skin

Have you ever noticed that people age differently? Some may just have good genes. Some may be “cheating” time and having work done, such as certain procedures my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice perform. But not everyone wants to, or even can, undergo a treatment such as Botox or laser skin resurfacing. Nor is everyone about to undergo a face lift or brow lift just for the sake of beauty. The truth is that where you live could either be preserving your skin or pushing it into early wrinkles and pigment spots.

A recent study has established a strong association between residing near a busy highway, or heavily traffic-filled area, and early skin aging. The study itself was conducted over twenty years and analyzed two groups of people from Germany: one group residing in heavily industrialized areas, and one  group living in sparsely populated rural areas. Due to the research, airborne particles from car exhaust are now ranked third place as the most potentially modifiable factor to cause early skin aging. It falls right beneath ultraviolet radiation and tobacco smoke. Unfortunately, not everyone can relocate to a new home, while managing your exposure to the sun and smoke is a much easier task.

This is not the first offense car exhaust is guilty of when it comes to our health. In fact, its threat is more than skin deep. High exposure to traffic-related airborne particles has been known to impair cognitive function in the elderly and inhibit lung function. As of right now scientists have ongoing studies trying to determine whether this exposure has a hand in causing Alzheimer’s disease too.

We may not always be able to choose where can to reside, but if you must live in an area with high traffic you may want to consider taking extra care of your skin. My Indianapolis plastic surgery practice is also more that capable and more than happy to help as well.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Gregory Chernoff

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