DOT Laser Therapy to Improve the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Skin resurfacing can be accomplished in various ways, but one of the most effective treatments for stretch marks and unsightly hyperpigmentation is DOT laser therapy. This unique treatment involves the use of gentle laser heat which penetrates through the skin and cauterizes small columns. This is similar to micro-needling and promotes healthier skin growth through increased collagen production.
The name DOT is an abbreviation for Dermal Optical Thermolysis, and this is a fractional laser treatment that burns away one skin layer at a time. Because the laser used focuses the light into a multitude of tiny beams, a large area of skin can be treated at once. We recommend this type of skin rejuvenation technique for our clients who suffer from uneven skin texture, particularly stretch marks.
How a DOT Fractional Laser Works
The DOT laser beam is split into many smaller beams, and these beams are very tightly focused. The laser light frequency can be adjusted in a way that only one density and tone of material is cauterized. The light is pulsed rapidly to heat a small section and burn it away without affecting the adjacent tissue.
This type of skin rejuvenation therapy is preferred by many because the entire skin surface is not treated directly. The hundreds of tiny columns are close to each other but also evenly spaced, with enough tissue in between to stimulate healthier skin growth.
Candidates for DOT Therapy
Fractional laser therapy is popular because it works on all skin textures and tones. The laser itself can be calibrated to send energy that will be absorbed only by a specific density and color of tissue. Adults who have uneven skin tone caused by ongoing stretching are ideal candidates because this treatment promotes healthy skin growth at all dermal layers.
During the Treatment
We consult with the client and outline the entire procedure. The laser beam passes through all the dermal layers, and a hollow column forms. Each pulse series treats an area of around one-half square inch. The damaged areas are sent nutrients by the blood, and tissue development is rapid, with collagen production increasing as well.
The affected areas will remain slightly reddened for a day or longer following the therapy session. Any stinging sensation felt during the procedure is temporary. If necessary, a second treatment may be scheduled and performed sometime after the first.
Do You Suffer from Stretch Marks?
These can occur around the mouth, on the neck, back, or torso. The wrinkled, uneven skin texture can be successfully treated with a DOT fractional laser procedure. To find out more, contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your own personal consultation.

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