FDA-Approved Dynamic Wrinkle Treatment

FDA-approved Daxxify is an injectable treatment that is FDA-approved to treat dynamic wrinkles on the face. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery is proud and excited to be among some of the first providers to offer Daxxify. Contact our Indianapolis office to request an appointment!

Your Answer to Ageless Beauty

You deserve to love your reflection, and Daxxify at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery can make that a reality. Say goodbye to:

  • Moderate-to-severe frown lines
  • Dynamic facial wrinkles
  • Worry lines

And say hello to a stunning, rejuvenated you. But that's not all. Experience the subtle magic of a "lip flip" that enhances your smile's elegance and conquers the gummy smile dilemma.

And don't let facial thinning or the telltale signs of Platysma (neck) band softening hold back you or your self-confidence. Daxxify empowers you to revitalize your appearance with lasting results.

Daxxify is the only frown line treatment powered by a peptide, and this revolutionary formula can last 6 to 9 months. Daxxify freezes movement by injecting botulinum toxin into the underlying muscle, causing the tissue to relax and creating a smooth, soft appearance.

Like other popular neuromodulators, Daxxify keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay even longer. Daxxify's longevity will allow patients to be treated in as little as twice a year!

What Is The Biggest Difference Between FDA-approved Daxxify And Other Neuromodulators?

The biggest difference between Daxxify and other neuromodulators is Daxxify's longer-lasting results. While other botulinum neurotoxins such as Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau typically last for approximately 3 to 4 months, Daxxify typically only requires 2 treatments per year.

Are There Any Downsides Or Risks?

If you have ever received Botox or other neuromodulator treatments, you can expect similar side effects such as mild bruising and temporary pain or stinging at the injection sites.

Is Daxxify FDA-Approved?

Daxxify is FDA-approved to treat dynamic facial wrinkles and the temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adults. Ask your provider what other areas can be treated with Daxxify!

How much does Daxxify cost?

The cost for Daxxify is different for each person, it is based on your specific anatomy, and the number of areas treated. On average, the cost for a Daxxify treatment ranges from $350 to $850 per treatment. The cost could be higher if you are receiving treatment for medical conditions. During your consultation, we will discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment, and your goals, and will provide you with a cost for the treatment.

What Else Can Be Treated With Daxxify?

Botox is FDA-approved for a wide variety of uses, including chronic migraines and severe sweating. Like Botox, Daxxify may be used for other reasons other than wrinkles. Ask your provider what else can be treated with Daxxify.

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