Improve Your Facial & Jawline Contours

Are you concerned that aging has negatively affected your skin? As we grow older, our skin gradually loses the necessary volume that helps us look young, with gravity taking an additional toll on our image. The Y LIFT is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that can help you achieve or restore a younger-looking face and jawline.

The Y LIFT treatment can:

  • Redefine your cheekbones and jawline contours
  • Improve the eye area
  • Subtle lifting of the upper neck

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, led by Dr. Gregory Chernoff is the only doctor in Indianapolis, IN to offer this revolutionary non-surgical facelift. Dr. Chernoff and his professional staff offer advanced treatment options, including the Y LIFT to help you redefine your facial contours.

The Y LIFT is customized for your specific anatomy and features and your facial rejuvenation goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Chernoff to discuss the Y LIFT and learn if you are a good candidate.

What Is the Y LIFT?

The Y LIFT is a minimally invasive facial contouring treatment that works to replenish lost volume in the skin as a result of aging. The Y LIFT treatment can:

  • Self-conscious of how age lines and minor skin laxity are affecting your image
  • Looking for a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment to refresh your profile

The Y LIFT treatment can help turn back the hands of time on your profile without incisions, the use of anesthesia, or the need to set aside downtime for recovery. Patients may continue their activities as normal immediately after their treatment.

The Y LIFT is a minimally invasive treatment that helps restore the structure of your face by:

  • Replacing lost facial volume due to aging and gravity
  • Defining and refining the jawline and neck
  • Providing lift to sagging aging facial skin
  • Reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles
  • Highlighting cheekbones

What Is a Y LIFT & How Is It Different Than a Surgical Facelift or Facial Fillers?

Dr. Chernoff uses a precise sub-muscular technique to re-establish the structural pillars of the face to a “Y” shape on the face. This is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no incisions or stitches.

A specialized titanium instrument is placed under the skin to lift targeted facial areas where hyaluronic acid (HA) is then carefully inserted into the targeted areas. HA is found in most dermal fillers. Dr. Chernoff only uses FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based fillers, including Juvéderm Voluma XC, Juvederm Volux, and Juvéderm Ultra XC for this procedure.

Many patients wonder how a Y LIFT is different than having facial fillers injected to aid in facial rejuvenation. The difference is because of the sub-muscular filler placement technique. The placement accentuates the cheekbone region, invigorates the under-eye area, and defines the jawline and upper neck without making the face look puffy or filled.

What Can I Expect From The Y Lift Treatment?

The time to complete the Y LIFT will be based on your specific treatment plan and your aesthetic goals. Each treatment will be uniquely customized to address your cosmetic concerns.   On average the treatment can take between 1-2 hours but could be less time or more time based on your treatment plan.

The Y LIFT has been known to grant rejuvenating results of up to 1-3 years or longer, dependent on your treatment.  Many patients who have been revitalized through the Y LIFT have noticed instant results of a younger-looking and contoured face and profile. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.