Hand Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate Aging Hands & Treat Raynaud’s Disease in Indianapolis, IN

As we age, our hands begin to show signs of aging. These signs include volume loss, wrinkles, crepey skin, age, brown, and sun spots. Many individuals are bothered by the appearance of prominent veins in their hands

Dr. Greg Chernoff at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, IN, successfully uses multiple treatments to add volume, fill lines, and improve skin tone, texture, and quality for hands. Dr. Chernoff uses the latest injectable fillers (Restylane Lyft and Radiesse) that are specifically manufactured to temporarily restore lost volume in your hands. Dr. Chernoff also offers dioxide laser treatments and light radiofrequency treatments that stimulate the growth of collagen resulting in more youthful-appearing hands.

Dr. Chernoff is conducting research studies examining the benefits of using a patient’s own fat to improve hand circulation and appearance. A second element of this study is the use of topical nitric oxide to further improve hand circulation.

What Rejuvenating Treatments Are Available For Hands?

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery offers many treatments for aging hands. Dr. Chernoff may use the latest specially-manufactured injectable treatments, such as Restylane Lyft or Radiesse that are FDA-approved to temporarily restore the lost volume to your hands. New laser treatments combine light, radio frequency, and fractional CO2 laser therapies to regenerate collagen, improve skin tone, fade sunspots, and improve the overall quality of the skin.

Prior to any treatment or procedure, Dr. Chernoff or one of our trained and certified Health Care Providers determine if you are a candidate, review the risks and benefits, and provide all possible treatment alternatives.