Expert Repair and Rejuvenation of Earlobes

Ear piercing has long been popular for many men and women; however, today we are seeing more and more people drawn to “gauging” their earlobes. These gauging devices are used to widen ear lobes and to create large holes. Heavy earrings and gauging cause the earlobes to stretch and tear. Over time, or as a person’s lifestyle changes, people may not like the appearance of big holes and tears in their earlobes and so look into having their earlobes repaired.

Fortunately, Dr. Greg Chernoff is an expert in complicated earlobe repair and rejuvenation of the earlobes. In many cases, earlobe repair is a safe, short, and simple procedure.

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How is Earlobe Repair and Rejuvenation Performed?

Earlobe repair and reconstruction involves cutting away small areas of skin between torn or stretched earlobes and then sewing the earlobe sections together in a straight line on the front and back of the earlobe. This allows the earlobes to heal and naturally close.

What Results Can You Expect After Your Earlobe Repair?

Dr. Chernoff performs the earlobe repair in the office. Your ears will typically heal in 1 week to ten days and can be re-pierced approximately 6-8 weeks after the repair.