Advantages of Getting BOTOX in Indianapolis

Your appearance is subject to factors like genetics and lifestyle choices. Despite your best attempts to look young and fresh, you may be left with wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet that make you look older than you really are. You may regain your youthful appearance and undo the damages by undergoing BOTOX® treatments at our office in Indianapolis.

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a purified protein solution that is delivered via skillful injection. The main ingredient in the solution is entirely safe to use for medicinal remedies to improve the look and quality of your skin. The injections are placed strategically in key areas of your face. These treatments are relatively simple and fast with most procedures taking only minutes.
Moreover, you can receive your treatments at our office in Indianapolis as needed for ongoing results. The treatments require little, if any, recovery time, letting you get back to your normal routine quickly. The results also last for months and give you the cosmetic results you want to look younger.

Uses for BOTOX®

The most common use for BOTOX® today is to erase the signs of aging and to repair cosmetic skin damages. It is designed to treat dynamic wrinkles, which are the wrinkles that develop as a result of making repeated facial expressions over time.

The BOTOX® solution basically relaxes the muscles into which it is injected and calms the nerve endings. It also smooths and fills out the skin, leaving the treated area firmer and fuller. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin above them does not show the same dynamic wrinkling as before.

BOTOX® Benefits

BOTOX® is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available to patients today for a variety of reasons. Many patients in Indianapolis request these injections because they are:

  • Fast and provide natural-looking results
  • Simple
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-surgical

However, as with any medical treatment, not everyone is a good candidate. That’s why it’s so important to schedule a consultation. During an initial appointment at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, you can learn about your candidacy for treatment. BOTOX® could help you get back your appearance.
Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery has offices located in Santa Rosa, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and Indianapolis. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for BOTOX®!

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