Are You a Good Candidate for a Lip Augmentation?

A lip augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that can help you get stunning lips that look full and natural. If you have always wanted fuller lips, then you might benefit from a lip augmentation. This treatment can help boost your confidence and help you feel in control of your appearance. It is usually done in the office using quick injectables, but your cosmetic surgeon will decide what the best and most comfortable approach is for your needs. Here’s how to determine if you are a good candidate for lip augmentation.

Do You Miss the Fuller Lips of Your Youth?

Our lips are naturally much plumper when we are younger, and then they naturally become smaller as we age. Although this is very normal and is just part of the aging process, many people miss the fuller lips they had when they were younger. You might notice as you get older that your lips look dry or pursed, as opposed to a soft, pillowy look. If you want to look and feel like yourself again, lip augmentations can help you do that.

Have You Always Wished Your Lips Were Plumper or More Even?

Lips come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, we don’t get to control the kind of lips we get. Many people have lips that are bigger on one side or are uneven from top to bottom. Others have lips that naturally sag or are bumpy. This can be very frustrating for many people, and it can affect their confidence not to have control over their appearance. Your doctor will design your lip filler to address your unique problems and help you get the lips you want.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

To be a good candidate for a lip augmentation, you should be committed to changing the look of your face for the better. Lip filler injectables are only semi-permanent and will naturally fade if you don’t keep up with the procedure, so you aren’t making a life-long commitment. However, the ideal candidate for a lip augmentation is one who is really ready to experience new, fuller lips. Lip augmentation looks very natural and can be done to your specifications, so you’ll really get results that fit with the overall look of your face.

Lip augmentations are an easy but satisfying way to boost your confidence in your appearance. The results of a lip augmentation are subtle, but can add some youth and vibrancy into your face. They can also correct a variety of problems caused by your natural development or even caused by an accident. If you are interested in lip augmentation treatments, contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery to learn more. Schedule your initial consultation today to start your lip augmentation journey and get the smile you’ve always wanted. We are conveniently located in Indianapolis, IN and Santa Rosa, CA.

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