Benefits of Sculptra

Unfortunately, many people begin to develop sagging skin and wrinkles as they age. Sculptra® is designed to revitalize your appearance by filling in some of the lost facial volume that causes these wrinkles, revealing smoother, younger-looking skin. The great thing about using this product is that after it has been injected, you can enjoy fantastic results that last for two years.
When you begin to get older, you start to develop different kinds of wrinkles in your face. Many of the wrinkles that you see on your face are called static wrinkles. These form because of the natural loss of facial fat that occurs gradually over time. With this loss of fat, gravity begins to affect the skin more and more, causing it to sag. Sculptra® is used to add volume, fullness, and support to the facial structure, correcting these aesthetic imperfections in a youthful, natural-looking way.
While you may want to look younger, it is not likely that you want to fill in lost facial volume at significant risk to yourself and your health. With Sculptra®, you don’t have to! This simple injectable treatment allows patients to restore their facial volume without the risk of extended downtime or adverse side effects. Through a simple series of three injectable treatments, patients are able to see significant improvements in their wrinkles and fine lines.
After a Sculptra® injection session, patients can immediately see improvements in their facial fullness. In the months following a Sculptra® treatment, patients will gradually see these results become more dramatic. This is because Sculptra® encourages the skin to create more collagen. As collagen is naturally produced in the skin in greater amounts, your complexion will continue to improve.
One of the main reasons why individuals choose Sculptra® over other popular dermal fillers on the market is the amount of time their results last. While most other dermal fillers only last for a year at most, the results of a series of three Sculptra® injection sessions can last for up to two years.
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