BOTOX vs. XEOMIN: What is the Difference?

There is a constant battle to stay looking as young as possible. For some people, this battle is relatively easy. They have good genes and a healthy lifestyle that promotes a youthful appearance. For other people, the battle to stay young is a hard-fought war. These individuals welcome any weapons that they can use to help them beat the aging process.
Over the past decade, injectable neural modulators such as BOTOX® and XEOMIN® have grown in popularity as tools that people can use to combat the aging process. Both of these products are designed to adjust the way the nerves that control facial muscles react to signals from the brain. The purpose is to reduce or completely eliminate wrinkles that are caused by contraction. Some may ask, is there a difference between XEOMIN® and BOTOX®?
Both products are derivatives of the same substance. Both products have the same effect on the nerves in the facial muscles. They cause temporary relaxation, thereby preventing movement that would otherwise cause wrinkles. They are both used to address crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and in some cases severe sweating in the underarms.
The products are very similar, yet different people may get a different reaction from one product as opposed to another. Both BOTOX® and XEOMIN® are perfect for people of any skin type and skin color. Both products are not recommended for individuals who have neurological disorders, nor for those who are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or who are breastfeeding.
Both products are injected. The injection sites are targeted to address the muscles that the patient wants to have relaxed. There is generally only a slight bit of discomfort during the injection. Both products usually take under 30 minutes to administer.
With both BOTOX® and XEOMIN®, you should expect to notice that your skin is wrinkle-free within two or three days after the injection. However, the complete effect may take between two weeks and one month, depending on the strength of the muscle that is being treated. The results from both products will last up to six months.
There are minor factors that will determine whether or not our cosmetic surgeon will use BOTOX® or XEOMIN® during your procedure. It is good to discuss with our cosmetic surgeon the techniques they will use, as well as the results you are looking for.
There is nothing that can completely stop the aging process. However, products like XEOMIN® and BOTOX® are powerful tools that can help you battle it. With locations in Indianapolis, Santa Rosa, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery offers BOTOX® and XEOMIN® injectables as a way to better suit every patient’s unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to see how each of these treatments could benefit you.