Dr Chernoff discusses CoolSculpting

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to welcome you to our office. Though it’s that time of year with with New Year’s resolutions and whatnot that everyone starts looking at their general health and this is also the time that many people realize that they may be carrying a few extra pounds. While there is always the surgical route to go performing liposuction there is now tremendous technology available in the non-surgical fat sculpting realm in particular we’re happy to now introduce CoolSculpting to our office this is really a tremendous technology, it’s a time-tested rebaiting worldwide. With this technology come into the office there are various treatment heads that we utilize to treat those stubborn areas of fat, in particular the abdomen, the love handles excess arm fat some of the fat under the chin the thighs are possible to be created as well. This technology works by literally freezing fat cells to a temperature that damages the fat cell walls so the cells that we destroy with this receive permanent destruction with the results over the next several weeks with people seeing a decrease in the size. For many areas it does require more than one treatment it’s very relaxed and so I’d invite you to come in for a consultation and also visit drchernoff.com, look forward to helping you with your decision with either surgical or now, non-surgical fat reduction thank you.

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