Dr. Chernoff provides an overview on DOT & MLS Treatment of Stretch Marks

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and today we’re giving a demonstration on one of the most contemporary forms of therapy for stretch marks, the dot CO2 fractionated laser in conjunction with MLS therapy. You can see that this patient has significant striae, her pregnancy and delivery was two years ago and she has moderate loss of elasticity some deep pigmentation industry. We’re going to begin the treatment of the DOT, we can treat these either in two ways by tracing the actual stretch mark when we have this number in a given area we just found that the results are much better if we treat the entire area so we begin now. You see won’t have a distinct line where the treatment started and where the treatment and the treatments done. That’s a nice demonstration of feathering with the DOT as well. Now to complete the treatment by doing the dual diode therapy on this patient.

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