Dr Chernoff Total Facial Rejuvenation

Hello I’m Dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to talk to you today about a total facial rejuvenation. As we age we go through three different forms of aging. Number one the gravitational descent of our facial muscles number two volume loss or loss of fat in our faces, particularly around our mouths and our mid face and the third stage of aging that we go through is the loss of elasticity or the deterioration of our skin. The most common combination procedure that I do for women and men entitles, it deals with dealing with the three areas of aging. First, we do a brow lift for our patients to put the brows back to where they should be number two we do upper and lower lid, eyelids for our patients and lastly, we combine that with doing a face neck lift with laser resurfacing. This combination procedure helps to replace the tissues that have fallen due to gravity and it helps to improve the tone and the quality of skin. When you come in we can put you on the computer to show you realistically based upon your Anatomy what you can hope to expect. So, if you’re interested in a total facial rejuvenation I look forward to meeting you for your consultation.

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