Dr. Chernoff Explains Facelifts

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff. I get a lot of questions about face lifting or facial rejuvenation. When do you think you might be ready for a facelift, when you’re seeing the gravitational descent of your muscles when you’re seeing flattening of your neck face, deepening of your marionette lines, fullness of your jowl area of fullness of the neck. The nicest facelift is the facelift that no one can tell that you have done or a very natural look you want people to look at you wondering why you’re looking your best but never knowing that you’re having had anything done. A facelift typically entails an incision that wraps around the ear, comes into the hairline a short distance where your ear meets your hair in a tiny incision underneath the neck through this incision we do some liposuction first to clean off the surface of your pet is more neck muscle we then put that muscle back together like a corset that cleans up the neckline. We then do some vertical lifting of your facial muscles, which improves the mid facial fat pad to give back the youthful bulk of the new face it softens the marionette lines and cleans up the jaw line and when you come in for your consultation we can put you on the computer to show you realistically what you can hope to achieve so we welcome your visit.

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