Grow a Fuller Beard with a Facial Hair Transplant in Santa Rosa

Transplanting hair is not just a procedure designed for the scalp. Another technique involves using the scalp to treat thinning hair on the face. Recipients of this procedure in Santa Rosa feel more confident with thicker beards and mustaches that regrow in just weeks. Before you consult our specialist, learn about the basic features of a facial hair transplant.
Hair Transplantations
A hair transplant involves moving grafts that contain hair follicles from one section of the body to another. In a facial hair transplant procedure, the donor site could be the scalp, back or chest. The grafts are inserted into the beard area, and the hair starts re-growing. During the consultation, we examine the beard and suggest an individual treatment plan.
Innovative Techniques
We have access to innovative methods to treat thinning hair. These methods are designed to create a more natural-looking appearance. The hair is moved in small follicular units containing nerves and muscles. The hair regrows in its natural orientation and looks less patchy.
Outpatient Convenience
The facial hair transplant procedure is minimally-invasive and performed in the comfort of our office in Santa Rosa. Patients should follow the post-operative plan after the procedure in order to enjoy optimal results. Multiple treatments may be recommended to see longer-lasting results. If the operation is successful, the hair regrows thicker and longer than before.
Hair transplantation to restore beards and mustaches is ideal for restoring confidence in certain men. Like every procedure, there are questions to ask, and plenty of information is available when you consult with our expert in Santa Rosa. See if the procedure will be beneficial to you. Then, you can decide if you want to move forward with the treatment.
Getting Started
If you look in the mirror and wish you saw a fuller beard looking back at you, don’t give up hope. Make an appointment at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery to see if a facial hair transplant can work for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Santa Rosa.

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