Improve the Appearance of Flared Nostrils with Rhinoplasty

A nose that is too large, too small, crooked, or has a wide base can distort facial symmetry or interfere with your looks. When the lower end of the nose, known as the alar base, is too large or wide it can cause the nostrils to flare.  Flaring may be noticeable when you speak, smile, or use muscles connected to the nose and can cause medical issues such as snoring or troubled breathing. Now you can improve the appearance of your nostrils when getting rhinoplasty at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery.
What Is Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty, or “nose job,” is a conservative surgical procedure performed on the nose by a certified plastic surgeon. It can be done to correct issues involving the nasal bone structure and surrounding ligaments and tissue. Rhinoplasty is suitable for reducing or increasing nose size, refining the bridge or the nose tip, or improving the results of a previous procedure. A misaligned nose due to a deviated septum, a nose tip that is too wide, boxy, or bulbous, or wide nostrils can also be corrected.
Narrowing the Nostrils during Rhinoplasty
During rhinoplasty, a second procedure called alarplasty can be done to reduce the width and size of the nostrils, eliminate flaring, and improve nasal functions such as breathing. The nasal skin is pulled together to narrow the nostrils or the nostrils are pulled downwards to reduce flaring. The procedure can take about 60-90 minutes. Minor discomfort following surgery tends to improve within 2-3 weeks. An appealing benefit of nostril reduction is it can be done as a stand-alone procedure without interfering with the nasal bone or cartilage.
Deciding if a Nasal Base Reduction Is Right for You
Nasal base reduction during rhinoplasty may not be right for everyone. At the initial consultation, the surgeon will do an evaluation to help you decide whether this procedure is suitable for you. If you’re unhappy with the way one or more areas of your nose look or you feel embarrassed about flaring nostrils, then you may make a good candidate for alar base reduction during rhinoplasty. Clients who do not have a medical condition that restricts this cosmetic surgery and have reasonable expectations often make good candidates for this procedure.
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