Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction with VelaShape

When cellulite just will not go away with exercise, an immaculately healthy diet, and expensive creams, there is now hope for you and it does not require any kind of surgery. VelaShape is a non-invasive procedure designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite without any sort of surgery or anesthesia.
What is VelaShape?
The VelaShape procedure lets you get a more toned, shapely body in about three treatment sessions. You can get the results you have always wanted without any needles, incisions, or painful recovery periods. The procedure treats cellulite on the neck, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms. While it diminishes cellulite, this is not a replacement for traditional weight-loss methods.
How Does VelaShape Work?
The procedure’s technology uses infrared light, radio frequency waves, and vacuums to create deep heat in the fat cells, the connective tissue, and the dermal collagen fibers. This heating and vacuum creates new collagen and elastin growth to replace cellulite and create smoother, tighter skin.
VelaShape treatments gradually smooth your skin with a noticeable reduction in the circumference of the treated area.
What Does the Treatment Feel Like?
VelaShape can be quite comfortable. There is heat involved, making it feel like a deep tissue massage. The treated areas may feel warm for several hours after treatment, but it dissipates quite quickly. The heat may also create pink skin that could remain for several hours.
What Areas Does VelaShape Treat?
VelaShape is a targeted treatment, meaning it will treat cellulite anywhere on the body. The most commonly treated areas are the buttocks and thighs, but patients also opt to have their arms, chins, and abdomen treated, too. Experienced VelaShape administrators are able to work on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs in as little as 40 minutes.
Are There Any Side Effects?
The most common side effect is bruising, and this typically goes away within a few days to a week post-treatment. If you have very loose skin, the doctor may lower the heat on the device to prevent blistering.
Cellulite is incredibly difficult to get rid of, and no matter how much you exercise, it can be almost impossible to remove. VelaShape is a quick and painless way to smooth your skin and give you the confidence you have been working so hard for. Contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve their ideal look and welcome the opportunity to help you determine if VelaShape can help reduce your cellulite.

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