Rejuvenate Your Eyelids with a Laser Eyelid Lift

Everyone experiences the aging process in their own unique way. No two people are going to have the exact same issues at the exact same time. There are many things that affect the way a person ages and how quickly they do so. One thing that affects many people as they get older is having droopy skin around their eyes. They may have excess skin on their upper eyelid or right below their eye on their bottom eyelid. Either way, this makes them look older and less attractive. Most people who have a lot of extra skin on their upper and lower eyelids want to do something about it.
One of the most effective ways to address droopy skin on the upper and lower eyelids is with a laser eyelid lift in Santa Rosa. Using a laser to perform an eyelid lift offers more precision and is much safer than how a traditional eyelid lift is performed.
Some individuals only need to have the laser eyelid lift performed on just their upper eyelids. Other individuals will only need to have it performed on their lower eyelids. And there are people who need to have both the upper and lower eyelids treated in order to get the best results.
The best way for you to find out what kind of eyelid surgery you need is to schedule a consultation at our office in Santa Rosa. We also have offices in Indianapolis, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. You will be able to work with Dr. Chernoff and our experienced medical professionals to determine the best type of laser eyelid surgery for you. Dr. Chernoff understands how to take care of your health as well as how to make you look your best. This will give you confidence knowing that the laser eyelid lift will be performed with outstanding precision and will give you results that you will feel proud to show off.
The very first step to rejuvenating your eyelids with a laser eyelid lift is scheduling a consultation at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Rosa, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach or Indianapolis. During this initial appointment, you can learn more about how this procedure can help you refresh your overall appearance. Contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Chernoff and his team.