Seeking Radiesse Treatment in Indianapolis

If you want to quickly and safely erase your facial wrinkles, then it might be time to consider the popular injectable filler known as Radiesse®. This amazing product can take years off of your appearance by smoothing out fine lines and adding volume to your face. It has helped countless people in Indianapolis, and the surrounding communities achieve their cosmetic goals without the need for surgery.

A Note About Cosmetic Surgery
There is no denying that cosmetic surgical procedures have helped millions of people throughout the world. Options such as facelifts are incredibly effective, but those who are considering one of these surgeries should realize that they come with risks. There is also downtime involved. Patients who aren’t quite ready to undergo a surgical procedure should take a closer look at injectable fillers like Radiesse®.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite Fillers
Every unit of Radiesse® contains a unique substance known as calcium hydroxylapatite. Microscopic spheres of this substance are suspended in a thick, water-based gel that is injected just under the surface of the skin. The primary goal of a Radiesse® injection is to immediately add volume to the treatment site. Within weeks of your appointment, the calcium hydroxylapatite will also stimulate the production of vital proteins in your skin. That means the results are only going to get better as time goes on.

The Many Benefits of Radiesse®
Most other fillers utilize hyaluronic acid to add volume to the face. This particular substance can be quite effective, but the results rarely last for more than a few months. Radiesse® is designed to last for as long as possible, and some patients remain satisfied with the results for up to one year! Another benefit of Radiesse® is the fact that it is one of the few options for deeper nasolabial folds. These folds are nearly impossible to treat with other fillers. The gel that is used in Radiesse® is thick enough to smooth out nasolabial folds without creating an unnatural appearance.

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