Growth Factor Treatment for Scar and Wound Healing

Dr. Greg Chernoff has been on the forefront of research and investigation for skin healing therapies and scar improvement. He is continuously researching and developing treatments to help wounds heal faster and improve skin restoration. He also is an expert in treatments for non-healing or difficult to treat wounds.

At Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Chernoff offers an innovative therapy utilizing the exosomes found in your body to enhance the natural healing process of your skin and to stimulate the restoration of your skin’s cells. Learn more about the healing properties of exosomes and talk with Dr. Chernoff about your scars and skin concerns during your personal consultation.


What are Exosomes?

Dr. Chernoff uses many types of Growth Factor treatments for scar improvement and wound healing. Exosomes (extra cellular vesicles, secretomes) are nano-sized vesicles that have been shown to key in the cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes are released by regenerative cells, such as stem cells which are important to enhance skin healing and repair. Exosomes carry protein and genetic information that the cell needs to function correctly. As a result of the exosomes’ ability to communicate, they play a vital role in healing and rejuvenating of all types of cells in our body.

What Types of Conditions can be Treated with Exosomes?

Keloid Scar Treatment

A keloid is caused by an excess protein (collagen) forming in the skin during healing. The scar or keloids are raised, lumpy and/or ridged. Some patients develop extremely large keloids that can be painful or uncomfortable. Keloids develop on some people after an injury, such as a surgical incision or a more severe acne outbreak. While anyone can develop a keloid scar, they are much more common in people with dark skin.

At Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Chernoff is among a few reconstructive surgeons that successfully removes keloids. Most importantly, as a result of Dr. Chernoff’s advanced technique and treatments, the keloid scars do not return after surgery! He uses innovative growth factor treatments including exosomes, with specific laser surgery to remove keloid scars from the face, neck, or body.

Traumatic Injury Treatment

Exosomes regulate collagen synthesis during various periods of wound healing. Applied topically, Exosomes can accelerate healing of wounds through an early stage increase in the production of type I and type II collagen which helps to reduce scar formation.

Surgical Recovery Improved with Exosomes

For some patients, Dr. Chernoff may use growth factor treatments to help improve healing and recovery from cosmetic surgical procedures. During your surgery, Dr. Chernoff can apply growth factors topically to reduce inflammation and improve healing. This is a unique and “add on” offering at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery and can be discussed during your consultation.

Skin Cancer (Mohs Surgery) Skin Healing with Exosomes

Dr. Chernoff uses exosomes to improving healing after Mohs surgery and complicated skin grafts. For example, for nasal tips, where circulation can be compromised, exosomes applied topically can assist in healing and the appearance of the skin graft.

Exosomes & Combined Therapies for Renewed Skin

Dr. Chernoff combines exosomes applied topically with skin improving treatments to provide patients with results that have not been possible to achieve in the past. We typically combine exosomes with advanced radiofrequency with microneedling, laser treatments, and light therapy to enhance your body’s powerful cell healing benefits. Patients can potentially see improvements in scars, lines, wrinkles and skin quality.

Why Select Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery Center of Excellence?

Dr. Greg Chernoff is a triple board certified facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon.

If you are considering a specialized cosmetic face or body procedure, you want to find the best facial plastic surgeon. Finding the right surgeon can mean the difference between great natural-looking results that you are happy with or less than optimal results.

At Dr. Chernoff’s Cosmetic Surgery Center of Excellence, you can be reassured that Dr. Greg Chernoff has the appropriate surgical certifications, extensive knowledge, experience, surgical skill, and aesthetic vision. He is certified by The American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, The American Board of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Chernoff is a renowned aesthetic surgeon and educator.

You can trust your specialized cosmetic surgical face and body enhancement procedures to Dr. Chernoff. He has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries and procedures for men and women in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding communities and states for over 20 years.

You only have one face and body. Be sure to select the most experienced plastic surgeon for your desired enhancement procedure so you can look “Your Natural Best!”