Eliminate Your Double Chin with Nonsurgical Kybella Treatments

While some places where stubborn fat occurs can be ignored, conditions like double chins usually cannot. No amount of makeup and no number of wardrobe changes can hide this unattractive condition.
Double chins are relatively harmless, which is why many people prefer to live with them rather than to undergo surgery to treat them. The surgery tends to be painful and potentially problematic, especially in older patients.
Kybella™ represents a new non-surgical way to treat double chins. It represents a treatment that is safe, effective when used properly, and mirrors your body’s natural ability to destroy fat.
What is Kybella™?
Kybella™ is an injectable pharmaceutical designed to dissolve fat. It does so by utilizing deoxycholic acid, which is the same chemical that your body uses to destroy fat in your body.
Unlike traditional means of treating double chins, Kybella™ only requires being strategically injected at different parts of the neck. There is no incision.
The fat reduction occurs over the process of a few weeks. This gives the skin ample time to tighten, which means that the liposuction and skin tucking used by traditional procedures may not be required.
Why is Kybella™ Advantageous?
There are a few reasons why Kybella™ is preferable to traditional means of removing double chins. These benefits range from simple convenience and patient comfort to expedited recovery.
With Kybella™, you:

  • Have a minimal recovery period. – This means less discomfort and fewer complications than are associated with traditional double chin reduction methods.
  • Receive a convenient and effective treatment. – Double chin removal procedures ideally need to be performed once, but your double chin could come back with age. Kybella™ provides an effective treatment for the cause of double chins, making repeat treatments easier.
  • Have short appointments. – You can undergo Kybella™ treatments in the span of one lunch break.
  • Look younger. – Your double chin will disappear, helping you look significantly younger.
  • Don’t need surgery. – This is the biggest advantage of Kybella™, especially for people whom may not be ideal candidates for surgery. This also means no anesthetic, no incisions, and no scars.

Kybella™: Removing the Cause of Double Chins
Kybella™ is designed to significantly reduce the amount of fat around the chin without the need for surgery. While this treats the cause of double chins, it may not be enough to treat effects like sagging skin or hyperpigmentation.
Contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more about Kybella™ and the other treatments available to correct a double chin without the need for surgery. We can schedule a consultation appointment that will help evaluate your dermatological needs.

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