Achieve Gradual, Long-Lasting Results with Sculptra Aesthetic Injectable Treatments

Of the things that come with age, wrinkles and other imperfections are among the least desirable. They can tarnish your appearance, make you appear older, and prevent you from feeling confident about your looks.
The worst part about wrinkles is that they’re hard to treat. The traditional treatments of choice have been invasive surgical procedures that stretch the skin until it’s tight again.
Sculptra® Aesthetic represents an advancement in dermatological restoration. It can provide you with a natural rejuvenation of your face that lacks the pain, long recovery periods and mixed results that other procedures may bring.
Understanding the Root of the Problem
To understand how Sculptra® Aesthetic treats dermatological imperfections, it’s imperative for you to understand how your skin exists and what causes wrinkles to develop.
There are several layers of the skin. The dermis layer contains the collagen fibers that make your skin feel firm and appear smooth. The problem is that these collagen fibers break down through regular wear and tear. Your body must replace them, but the body’s ability to produce new collagen decreases as you age. This leads to areas where the collagen fibers are loose, which allows for wrinkles to develop.
The unique location of the collagen fibers makes wrinkles difficult to treat. Some treatments require harming the upper layers of the skin, which leads to scars and other unwanted side effects.
How Sculptra® Aesthetic Treats Collagen Problems
By repairing the collagen structures in the skin, wrinkles can be smoothed, and their appearance can be minimized. The problem is that most dermal fillers are only capable of filling. The body absorbs them within three to twelve months.
The wrinkles reappear when the dermal filler is absorbed and disposed of by the body. They may even appear worse due to continued deterioration in the surrounding collagen structures.
Sculptra® Aesthetic works differently than other dermal fillers. Not only does it fill areas where it is injected, but it also fosters the growth of new collagen tissue. This provides a gradual and lasting rejuvenation of the skin.
The result is a subtle improvement that occurs over time. Patients remark that the results look better than they would with other dermal fillers. Repeat treatments tend to offer gradual improvements to wrinkles, which helps to reverse the wear that age can have on the skin.
A More Reliable and Gradual Solution
Sculptra® Aesthetic utilizes a different type of injectable treatment to restore your face to the beautiful state you desire. It can smooth wrinkles, treat fine lines, and promote the growth of new collagen deep within the dermis layer of the skin without the need for surgery. The results tend to last longer, look more natural, and mesh well with other non-invasive treatments.
Contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more about Sculptra® Aesthetic. We can schedule a one-on-one consultation to determine the most reliable course of treatment to restore your appearance.

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