7 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains a popular cosmetic procedure among women. Proportionate, shapely, perky breasts are a sign of youth and beauty in many societies. Women with a small, uneven or sagging chest can feel self-conscious about their bodies. This is especially troubling during times such as intimate moments with a partner or when wearing a bathing suit on vacation. Breast augmentation can enhance a woman’s life in several ways.
1. Choice and Customization
While we will advise you on the best size range of implants for your body type, it’s incredibly empowering to be able to provide feedback on the final look you hope to achieve. You’ll be given information on the difference between silicone and saline implants, along with the ideal size, shape and profile that will achieve your goals.
2. Enhanced Curves
Increasing your bust size and positioning can actually have a positive visual effect on your overall body contours. The results of your surgery can enhance assets like curvaceous hips.
3. Improved Symmetry
Many women have some difference in size between one breast and the other. However, a pronounced and noticeable difference can cause one to feel self-conscious. Breast augmentation can provide evenness to your bust, eliminating the need to try to camouflage any disparity with specific types of bras or clothing.
4. More Clothing Options
On a related note, getting breast augmentation can offer you a much bigger choice in the types of clothes you buy. You’ll no longer need to worry about choosing items to hide your chest. Now you can opt for fun, beautiful clothes that show off your assets. Items like v-neck sweaters, bikini tops and tight fitting shirts can now be a regular part of your wardrobe.
5. Look Younger
With age, breasts often will sag or droop. Quality undergarments can only help so much when it comes to providing lift. However, breast augmentation can help to give you full, perky breasts similar to those of your younger days.
6. Better Sex Lives
It’s quite common for women to report that their sex lives improve significantly after having their breasts enlarged. Feeling better in your body can most certainly help you to feel more comfortable during intimate moments.
7. Increased Self-Confidence
In fact, you can expect to have more self-confidence in many aspects of your life. When you feel beautiful and sexy, it makes sense that you’d want to get out among people more frequently. Being active and outgoing can lead to more social, personal and career opportunities.
By scheduling a consultation with Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, you can learn more about the ways this procedure can be tailored to your specific needs. We proudly serve Santa Rosa, Beverly Hills, and Newport Beach, CA. Additionally, we’re located in Indianapolis, IN. Contact us today to get started.

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