Enhance Your Facial Profile with Kybella

Submental fat, better known as a double chin, is an issue that many people deal with. This fatty tissue gives the appearance of added weight or can make an individual seem older than their actual years. It’s not usually seen as an attractive quality, especially because it’s nearly impossible to shed. Exercise won’t make it go away. Liposuction is possible, but many people dislike the idea of such a drastic and invasive procedure. You may be happy to know that there’s a less invasive treatment available to reduce the fat associated with a double chin. If you qualify for treatment, you can enhance your facial profile with Kybella®, an injectable treatment approved by the FDA.
About Kybella®
The active ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, which is made in the body for the purpose of breaking down fat and absorbing it. Once injected into the fatty tissue of the double chin area, it begins to attack targeted fat cells and dissolve them gradually over time. The destroyed cells will be metabolized by the body naturally as a means of elimination. The optimal results will leave you with a smooth, firm contour beneath the chin.
Ideal Candidates
If you have a double chin, it’s likely that Kybella® can help you. Currently, it’s only FDA-approved for submental fat elimination, not fat deposits elsewhere on the body. It is important that patients be in good overall physical health and have an understanding of how the treatment works, as well as realistic expectations of what can be expected through treatment. Skin tone and ethnicity are not a factor with regard to Kybella®. However, there are some patients who should not undergo the procedure. This will all be discussed in more detail during a consultation at our office.  
What to Expect
Kybella® is given in the comfort of our office as an outpatient procedure. It’s convenient and involves only minimal discomfort. No downtime is required with Kybella®. You’ll be able to return to your everyday activities immediately. Results will not be seen right away, but will occur gradually due to the fat cell reabsorption process. Some bruising or swelling is possible. However, this is only temporary.
See if Kybella® is Right for You
If you’re tired of your double chin, schedule a consultation at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about Kybella®. This convenient treatment may help you lose that double chin for good. We have offices in Indianapolis, Beverly Hills, Santa Rosa and Newport Beach. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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