Get Smoother, Tighter Skin with a Facelift

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a minimally invasive procedure that corrects sagging of the facial skin. It is performed on individuals who experience folds or creases on the cheeks, along the jawline, and below the jaw.
Unlike filler or plumping treatments, a facelift actually stretches tight the existing skin while at the same time allowing for a smoother texture by removing excess tissue deposits. We recommend this cosmetic treatment for those who desire tighter, more youthful facial skin.
Causes of Skin Sagging
Skin is supported by fibrous tissues, and collagen production is key to elastic, supple skin. As we age, collagen production decreases, fat begins to accumulate beneath the skin layers, and gravity pulls the skin downward.
By the time we are in our mature adult years, smile lines near the mouth, folds beneath the jaw, and rippled skin on the cheeks become more and more noticeable.
A facelift corrects this problem by pulling the skin tight. The uneven texture is smoothed through the removal of fat and other tissue from underneath the skin.
What the Procedure Involves
Before deciding to undergo this type of cosmetic treatment, we suggest a consultation with our surgeon. We will take a close look at the facial features. There are several different types of facelift procedures, the most commonly performed being a traditional lift.
When we perform a traditional lift, the incisions are made, the tissue will be tightened, and then the incisions will be closed. The stitches are removed some time later later.
Advantages of a Facelift Vs. Other Techniques
A facelift does not involve abrasive resurfacing of the skin. Resurfacing or peel treatments often result in discolored regions of the facial skin. Filler treatments plump up wrinkled skin but do not correct major folding or sagging.
A facelift procedure also promises long-lasting results. Many individuals who undergo this outpatient procedure report no further sagging or folding for up to three years or more. Downtime after the procedure is very short.
Schedule Your Consultation
To find out if you are a candidate for a traditional facelift procedure, contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. Smoother, tighter skin can be yours after a simple facelift treatment.
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