Overcoming Trauma with the Survivors of Violence Foundation

There are very few things that are as traumatizing as enduring an injury as a result of violence or abuse. The physical and emotional scars brought on by this type of violence can forever change the way a person sees themselves as well as the way they are seen by the world. When a victim of violence or abuse is left with physical scars, every single time they see the scars, it becomes a daily reminder of the traumatic incident. If the scars are on their face or some other visible part of the body, when they see the way that people react to their disfigurement, this also forces them to relive their trauma.
Being forced to see a daily reminder of their assault makes it difficult, if not impossible, for these victims to have a complete and peaceful recovery. Before they can recover emotionally, steps must be taken to repair the physical damage that was done. Once a person looks the way they did before their incident, they are able to regain their self-esteem, and the emotional recovery process can begin.
Providing reconstructive treatment improves the quality of life for individuals who have been victimized by violence. Unfortunately, reconstructive procedures are expensive. This is where the Survivors of Violence Foundation comes into play. This foundation is dedicated to helping men, women and children who have injuries, physical scars or wounds as a result of abuse, injury or illness. The foundation is dedicated to assisting with the financial cost associated with surgery, supplies and aftercare. Individuals are selected to benefit from this foundation only after filling out an application for treatment and following the instructions laid out on the application.
The Survivors of Violence Foundation is committed to bringing compassionate care to victims who are going through the physical and emotional healing process. They count it as a privilege to help these individuals recover. Their greatest joy comes from watching as these individuals go from seeing themselves as damaged goods to recovering their inner strength and their inner beauty.
Dr. Chernoff has experience dealing with the physical and psychological trauma that injuries resulting from violence, illness and abuse can cause. For this reason, he has been able to form a close bond with his clients, helping them to get back to being the person they used to be.
Some of the treatments provided include treating non-healing wounds, repairing fractured facial bones, as well as a whole host of other therapies. The therapies that are used range from minimally-invasive to reconstructive surgery or surgical revision.
For individuals who have been victims of violence, abuse or disfiguring illnesses, the treatments provided by the Survivors of Violence Foundation have been life-changing. They have allowed people to restore their self-confidence and start to see themselves once again as a whole human being.
Currently, this program is available in select communities. The goal is to expand the program, thereby positively changing the lives of individuals who were victimized by violence or abuse. Dr. Chernoff and his team at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery are committed to helping these victims. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Indianapolis, Santa Rosa, Beverly Hills or Newport Beach.

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