Sick and Tired of Your Double Chin? Consider Kybella!

If you have a double chin, it may not be a feature that you are fond of. Very few people would say that they like their double chin. If you are sick and tired of your double chin, we invite you to learn more about Kybella.
Do not feel nervous when learning more about this treatment. It does not involve any surgery. Many individuals have used liposuction and other invasive procedures to get rid of the fat under their chin. Some people have liked the results, while others have dealt with results that were less than satisfactory. You do not have to worry about this when using Kybella. It does not involve any incision, and the fat is not physically removed from your body during treatment.
Kybella is a product that is very gently administered into the area where you have submental fat. Submental fat means the fat that is located under your chin. The main ingredient in this product is something that you already have in your body known as deoxycholic acid. This substance is something that your body produces to break down the fat that you ingest through your diet. When it is injected under the chin, it goes to work to break down the fat you have in that area. Over the weeks following your treatment session, the fat is going to be broken down and removed from your body in a natural way.
You will see the results in the weeks following the treatment. You are going to notice that you start to look younger and slimmer overall. Kybella has helped individuals in many countries to regain their self-confidence and feel happy with their appearance.
While you may have good results with just one treatment session, we have found that most of our clients need at least two or three treatment sessions to get the best results from this product. The treatment sessions will usually be spaced at least a couple of weeks apart. So, realistically, if you start your treatments right now, you can expect to say goodbye to your double chin in just a couple of months. Not only will you have the satisfaction and boost in self-confidence that comes from not having a double chin, but you do not have to wait that long or go through an invasive procedure to reach these goals.
Please contact us today to set up a consultation. At Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, we would be happy to meet with you and help you consider your candidacy for Kybella.

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