Target Your Double Chin with Kybella

Kybella™ is a minimally invasive injectable fat reduction product that was recently released by Kythera Pharmaceuticals.
As the first and only treatment of its kind to receive FDA approval, Kybella™ is used to help patients reduce or eliminate accumulated fat underneath the chin, also known as “double chin.”
Before the invention of Kybella™, the only truly effective method for getting rid of unwanted under-chin fat was by having liposuction.
What is Kybella?
Kybella™ is an injectable product with the ability to destroy fat cells in the chin area. In this way, it helps to reduce or eliminate the dreaded double chin.
Women and men alike can struggle with this issue, which can lead to low self-confidence, is exceedingly difficult to eliminate and often doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.
Fat beneath the chin can be caused by age or genetics, and it may also remain after losing a significant amount of weight.
The biggest problem most people have with their double chin is that they feel it makes them look heavier or older than they are.
Fortunately, Kybella™ is designed to target the particular type of fat cells that accumulate under the chin. It does this without damaging neighboring tissues.
After Kybella™ destroys the unwanted fat cells, your body will re-absorb and naturally remove them from your system. Over time, your double chin will begin to shrink until it’s no more.
How Does Kybella Work?
This injectable is made from deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in your tissues. It is highly effective at destroying fat and facilitating its absorption back into the body. Kybella™ has undergone rigorous clinical trials to ensure its effectiveness and safety.
What are the Benefits?
If you want to try Kybella™ to get rid of your double chin, there are many benefits you should know about:

  • No anesthesia is required, and the procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive. This is not the case with other double chin treatments.
  • Because Kybella™ is minimally invasive, there is no downtime required for recovery.
  • The procedure is fast, easy, and can be performed over a lunch hour.
  • Because it’s FDA-approved, it has been found to be safe for the majority of patients. However, as with any treatment, there are some minor side effects to be expected such as bruising.

If you’re tired of struggling with unwanted fat under your chin, but you don’t want to resort to surgery, Kybella™ may be a good option for you. Contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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