Achieve The Perfect Pout with LIPS+

We all pine for the perfect pout, and with LIPS+, it’s finally attainable.

LIPS+ by Revanesse is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler that is specifically designed to give you more – more volume and better results. This HA filler is a uniquely purified type of newer technology. It boasts the highest concentration of HA available, which means it offers longer-lasting results than other HA fillers. Typically, the results of LIPS+ will last about a year.

When professionally administered, LIPS+ can provide various benefits. Not only is this cosmetic treatment backed by patients and physicians alike, but it involves minimal pain, swelling, bruising, and downtime. LIPS+ is well-studied and safe. Over 300 patients of multiple skin types were treated in various clinical trials, and there were no unexpected, product-related side effects.

While this well-studied formula is determined to be extremely safe, it’s common for clients to still have their concerns. Common concerns with injections include pain, swelling, bruising, and lumpiness at the injection site. Fortunately, LIPS+ is uniquely formulated to ensure less pain, less swelling, less bruising, and a significantly reduced amount of lumpiness in the lips.

The HA particles inside the LIPS+ formula are created uniform, meaning they do not stick together and they act more like the body’s natural tissue than HA fillers without uniform particles. Revanesse is a boutique HA filler manufacturer dedicated to putting out nothing less than the highest-quality products. The LIPS+ formula goes through a rigorous purification process before ever making it to our shelves.

After the injectable gel found in LIPS+ is manufactured, it is placed in a HA hydrated solution for one week. This is proven to help significantly reduce swelling, provide more predictable results, and require fewer touch-ups. This process also helps to balance the potential hydrogen (PH), so there will be minimal burning when the gel is injected. With this higher concentration of HA, it takes less gel to get the client to where they want to be, which also means less pain, swelling, and bruising.

Everyone dreams of having beautiful, plump, natural-looking lips, and now that dream can become a reality with LIPS+. This high-end HA filler offers soft, subtle hydration not found elsewhere. Whether your lips have lost their natural volume or you’re simply looking to create a fuller-looking pout, LIPS+ might be for you. This premium lip filler can be found at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, IN.

In addition to LIPS+, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery offers all dermal filler options including Juvederm for generating or restoring lip volume, Volbella creating even or symmetric lips, and adding subtle volume or definition.   Additionally, we help patients improve the vertical lines above the lip and lines around the mouth. The combination of excellent injection techniques by the experts at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery and new dermal fillers create beautiful, natural, and perfect lips.

Our contemporary cosmetic center offers various non-surgical and surgical rejuvenation and maintenance services, for improving lips, lines, and wrinkles.   If LIPS+, other dermal fillers, or other options to improve your skin sound like it might be for you, contact us today.

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