How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help with my Asthma?

If you are the victim of asthma, you know how frightening it can be when you have an attack. Your airways become inflamed and swollen. At that point, they narrow and you struggle to catch your breath. Even when asthma is in its mildest form, it still causes aggravation when you struggle to do everyday tasks because you can’t breathe freely. Asthma at its worst can threaten your life when you can’t get the air you need to survive; if you don’t get prompt treatment, you will be in major trouble.
Living with asthma means avoiding triggers that could set off an attack, knowing what to do when an asthma attack sets in, and finding the best form of treatment to manage your condition. If you find the best alternative, you can live a full life without fear. Stem cell therapy is a relatively new option in the field of asthma treatment that could make a difference for you.
How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?
Stem cell therapy involves using your body’s natural defenders in order to fight off your asthma attack. Your stem cells are amazing cells that can take on the role of any type of cell in the body. They help your cells to recharge, regenerate and boost your immune system. In order to help you to combat your asthma, your stem cells can be removed from the bone marrow. They are then placed in a culture in the laboratory in order to multiply.
Once enough stem cells have developed, they can be introduced into your body. Depending on the condition, stem cells may be injected or intravenously applied into a particular area of concern. Once you have been treated with stem cell therapy, the stem cells will go to work in your lungs, differentiating their roles in order to focus on rejuvenating your lung tissue. With healthy lung tissue, you will not have the frustrating symptoms that strike when you have a bout of asthma.
What Will Stem Cell Therapy Do for You?
Once you begin stem cell therapy, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your body’s powerful repair cells. You’ll beef up your immune system to avoid those times when your body overreacts to allergens. As an added bonus, damaged lung tissue will be repaired; healthy tissue will be generated, helping your lungs to function more efficiently. With consistent therapy, you should have fewer asthma attacks. When combined with other treatment options and lifestyle changes, you can keep your asthma under control.
Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy for Asthma
Only you can take charge of your asthma and that means exploring all of your options to treat your condition. Make an appointment to discuss stem cell therapy with Dr. Chernoff and his team at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery. We have offices in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Rosa and Indianapolis. Work together with him and his team to find out how this exciting alternative in medicine can help you to tap into the power of your own body. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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