The 500 Prelude Charity Event

Your appearance is what defines you. It is what people use to identify you, and it is what you use to recognize yourself. If you have a traumatic injury that changes your appearance, there are personal, social and psychological variables that will have lifelong effects.
The psychological and emotional effects of disfiguring injuries are only increased when the injuries are the result of violence or a traumatic event like an automobile crash. They can leave the injured individual feeling victimized twice. Every time that they look at themselves in the mirror and they see the scars left by the injury, they are forced to relive the accident or the aggressive act that they suffered through. For many, emotional healing can only begin once the external scars of the accident are treated. This is what is behind the Survivors of Violence Foundation.
Their goal is to provide care for individuals who are dealing with painful and disfiguring injuries as a result of automobile accidents, violence or some form of abuse. A special fund has been set up for race car drivers or team members who are injured as a result of a crash. The goal is to give these individuals the physical care that they need and provide them with the reconstructive surgical treatments they need so that they can begin the process of emotional healing.
As a survivor of the 1995 Oklahoma terrorist bombing, Royia Grizzell, one of the founders of this foundation, understands firsthand how important it is to help individuals who have been through traumatic experiences take the steps needed to get their life back on track. The 500 Prelude Benefiting Injured Drivers and Survivors of Violence Foundation is a unique event designed to allow individuals who understand the importance of helping accident victims and victims of abuse get access to the restorative surgical procedures they need by showing their support through financial contributions.
This year will be the fourth year that this foundation has held this event. Some of the guests who are expected to attend include Linda Vaughn, commonly recognized as the first lady of racing, as well as famed racing legend Mario Andretti. The event will include a dinner, a specialty bar, as well as live and silent auctions. The public is invited to donate gift certificates or other items that can be used at the silent auction. Even if one is not able to attend the event, they can purchase a ticket or donate the amount that they would spend on a ticket to the foundation. All of the event proceeds are designed to benefit the foundation, and where the law allows, the purchase of tickets is tax deductible.
The goal of the Survivors of Violence Foundation is to help individuals who have been victimized feel like they are in control of their life again. Using the latest in cosmetic surgical techniques, the doctors associated with this foundation work hard to help patients restore their appearance to as close as possible what it was before the accident, thereby making physical and emotional healing more likely.
Dr. Chernoff at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery is proud to partner with this amazing cause. Contact us today to RSVP or to learn more about how you can get involved.

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