Achieve a Better Facial Profile with Rhinoplasty

The size and shape of your nose relative to your other facial features determines the way you look. Most people don’t think about it very much until they are in their mature adult years. As we age, our nose changes shape slightly, and in some cases, it seems to grow larger or smaller. The overall facial feature balance can become very much unbalanced. Changes to the nose structure can also affect our breathing.
Rhinoplasty is a surgical correction procedure that slightly reshapes the nose. It often involves several steps. These steps could include altering the size of the nostrils, widening or narrowing the nose bridge and removing nose bridge humps and hummocks. If you are concerned about the way your nose is affecting your facial appearance, we encourage you to learn more about how a rhinoplasty procedure can help.
Candidates for Rhinoplasty
The ideal candidate for rhinoplasty is an adult whose facial feature growth is complete. The person’s overall health should be good, and there should not be any ongoing complications with breathing that are caused by skeletal deformities in the face. Also, outcome expectations should be realistic, as the results will certainly vary from one individual to another.
The Rhinoplasty Procedure
Before we decide to perform rhinoplasty, we consult with the client and examine the face closely. We may want to take pictures or X-rays so that we can see exactly how the nose structure looks and determine what is causing the nose to become misshapen.
The details of the actual procedure vary from patient to patient, since each nose is unique. However, during a typical procedure, to decrease the size of the nose, tissue is removed; and to enlarge this area, tissue and cartilage grafts are placed beneath the skin.
In some cases, we may decide to correct a deviated septum as well as enhance the overall appearance of the nose. To correct a deviated septum, we add or remove tissue to straighten out the nose bridge. This is usually performed if the condition is affecting the client’s breathing.
Depending on the extent of the surgery, recovery may take as little as two weeks or as long as a month. Grafted tissue and cartilage takes time to set in and become firmly attached to the adjacent tissues. We may place a splint inside the nose to act as a crutch while healing takes place.
A Better Facial Profile
If you believe you are a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery. This is a rather simple surgical procedure that can result in a younger-looking you, and your self-confidence will increase dramatically. We have offices in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Rosa and Indianapolis. Contact us today to book your appointment to learn more.

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