All About Deep-Plane Neck Lifts

As a leading authority on facial procedures, Dr. Chernoff has seen many patients looking to transform their figures in the mirror. From eyelid surgery to Botox, the Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery team offers a wide range of procedures to give you the look you desire – and if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider a deep-plane face and neck lift. Keep reading to learn all about deep-plane face and neck lifts, how they differ from traditional options, and whether you should consider the procedure yourself. 

Face & Neck Lifts 101

Face and neck lifts are designed to contour the neck, lower, and mid-facial tissues, giving patients a thinner, more defined neck and jawline while refreshing the lower and mid-face. While most patients considering the procedure are familiar with the decades-old traditional face and neck lift, Dr. Chernoff offers his patients a more modern treatment version: the deep-plane face and neck lift.

Traditional VS Deep Plane Face & Neck Lifts: The Differences

Although both the traditional and deep neck and facelifts are designed to provide more contoured results, their methods reveal different looks and meet different goals, which means patients should consider their unique needs when deciding whether a neck lift is right for them. 

Traditional: Using the traditional method, surgeons operate on the top layers of tissue: the skin and fat. Typically, a doctor creates an incision along the neckline, uses liposuction to remove the fat from the neck and chin area, and removes excess skin to form a new, taut surface. 

The traditional procedure focuses its efforts on tightening sagging skin. Without addressing the deeper tissue, ligaments, and muscle beneath the skin, traditional face and neck lifts do not last as long and can have a pulled appearance.

Deep-Plane: Deep-plane face and neck lifts work on a deeper level to provide a more comprehensive treatment with longer-lasting and more natural results. Dr. Chernoff’s deep neck lift procedure addresses every layer of the neck, including the structures that sit below the muscle, ligaments, and tissue. Tailoring and re-draping the skin and muscle above this new contoured structure reveals softer, more natural-looking results.

By creating this solid, structured base for the skin and muscle of the neck to rest over, the deep neck lift creates a permanently sculpted base contour. This approach also allows a higher degree of flexibility and precision, which can help you curate your neckline to meet your individual goals and needs. 

Dr. Chernoff’s Training & Expertise

Not all surgeons are trained and able to perform deep-plane face and neck lifts. Dr. Chernoff is one of the very few plastic surgeons who perform deep-plane facelifts utilizing muscle repositioning and ligament release. Dr. Chernoff’s specialized head and neck surgical and reconstructive education provides him with the training required to perform this technique.

Targeting Genetics

Deep neck lifts are typically used to treat fullness and heaviness caused by one primary factor: genetics. While many patients may consider neck lifts a treatment for older men or women, this is not the case with the deep neck lift. In fact, Dr. Chernoff routinely treats patients as young as 20 or 30 using the deep neck lift procedure.

Tissue laxity is not always a result of the aging process, however, and for individuals with genes for loose skin in the neck area, the resulting double-chin effect can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Deep-plane neck lift patients are not typically looking to turn back the clock on aging; instead, their goal is to unveil the hidden natural beauty beneath sagging jowls passed down by parents. Because a deep plane neck lift targets these deeper layers of muscular tissue, this procedure can provide dramatic benefits for younger patients with genetic tissue laxity.

Procedure & Recovery

When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Chernoff, you’ll meet to discuss your goals and eligibility for the procedure. Once you’re ready to move forward, the Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery team will schedule you for your deep neck and facelift. 

During the procedure, Dr. Chernoff will begin by making a discreet incision under your chin. He will then tighten your neck to contour the muscle and fat to fit the goals outlined in your consultation. Additionally, a small incision will be made along your ear, tucked inside it so it’s barely visible once healed.  This procedure can take 2-5 hours to complete, depending on your unique needs. 

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery is extremely focused on patient safety.  As a result, after your deep plane face and neck lift procedure, we require an overnight stay with a nurse that is arranged. You should follow all instructions provided by Dr. Chernoff and our nurses, including taking the prescribed medications, keeping your head elevated, attending follow-up appointments, and avoiding strenuous physical activity. You can expect to see bruising and swelling in the neck area for the next few weeks, but this is a natural part of the healing process. 

Be sure to consult with the Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery team before returning to your normal work or exercise routine, as the recovery timeline can be different from person to person. 


Rediscover Your Natural Beauty

Whether you’re looking to get a deep-plane face and neck lift or try another selection from our suite of services, your best and most natural-looking self lies just beneath the surface. Rediscover your natural beauty with the Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery team in Indianapolis. Call us to schedule your consultation today!

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