What Are The Benefits Of A Neck Lift?

A neck lift (lower rhytidectomy) is similar to a facelift procedure, but it corrects visible sagging and folding of the skin below the jawline. This is one of the most common visible signs of aging among mature adults. The neck skin muscles often become weaker as we age, and fatty deposits create banding as well as shadowy folds and creases.
We often recommend a neck lift procedure if we feel that tightening of the skin can only be accomplished through skin ablation and repositioning. The results are long-lasting, and the overall texture of the skin is also vastly improved. Besides the long-term results, benefits also include better skin tone and fewer dynamic wrinkles.
Who Is A Candidate?
Candidates for a neck lift should be in overall good health. The neck skin should not be brittle or discolored because of some other medical condition. Those who have recently lost a good deal of weight through an approved diet and exercise plan often experience sagging of the neck skin, and these individuals are generally considered prime candidates.
During The Consultation
We will discuss all treatment options for those seeking a means to eliminate sagging and creasing of the neck skin. Candidates should have realistic outcome expectations. Before we perform this surgery, we will give the client an information packet that explains how to prepare. The skin should be kept clean, and moisturizers should be used as recommended.
Neck Lift Procedure
Much like a facelift, a neck lift is performed by removing or repositioning muscle tissue and fat. This process smoothes and lifts the skin along the jawline. The result is better skin texture and a decreased visibility of horizontal creases and fine wrinkle lines. You will be given proper care instructions following the procedure. This will give you the best way to a quick recovery.
Long-Term Benefits
Because we have advanced techniques for removing fatty deposits and repositioning muscle tissue, the smooth skin surface that results from draping it over the subcutaneous tissues means a better overall surface texture. This is something that our clients can enjoy for many years. It takes time for muscle tissue to reposition on its own, and it takes even longer for fat to build up in the neck, giving you years of a more defined profile.
Enjoy The Benefits Of A Neck Lift
You don’t have to hide your upper neck beneath a turtleneck sweater or scarves anymore. A neck lift is a rather simple cosmetic surgical procedure, and it can greatly improve your appearance and lift your self-esteem. At Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, we proudly serve clients within the Indianapolis and Santa Rosa areas. Contact us today to find out more and to schedule your consultation.

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