Biostimulatory Infusion Treatments

Innovative, Personalized and Customized Treatments Exclusively at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery — Biostimulatory InfusionTM Treatments

Dr. Chernoff has developed breakthrough treatments that use injectables, growth factors, peptides, serums, and other proven technologies to improve skin.   The new treatments are called Biostimulatory InfusionTM, Biostimulatory FacialTM, and Biostimulatory InjectionTM Treatments.  These innovative personalized and customized treatments infuse combinations of Growth Factors and other proprietary combinations using MicroNeedle Radiofrequency and other technologies based upon your individualized needs.  Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery’s exclusive Biostimulatory Infusion Treatments dramatically improves skin quality, tone, texture, elasticity, and clarity.

Step 1: Skin Preparation & Exfoliation

The treatment starts with the SaltFacial’s natural sea salt gentle exfoliation.   The high mineral of the sea salt combined with the treatment’s technology optimally prepares the skin allowing topical applications to penetrate to the lower layers of the skin.   Immediately after the salt facial, Pneuma Nitric Oxide activating serum is applied to the skin.   This innovative serum increases blood flow, and acts as a vehicle of enhanced absorption, allowing the topical treatments to have maximal benefit.   Additionally, sea salt and nitric oxide serum have high anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties that add a protective barrier to skin.

Step 2: Infusion

The topical additives used for the infusion are personalized and customized, based on skin type, texture, presenting problems and improvement goals. The improvement of static lines, wrinkles and skin hydration, is achieved.  Improving skin texture including large pores, “orange peel” skin, and oiliness is accomplished by infusing with other unique combinations.  Improving overall skin tone and quality including elasticity, thickness, and scars is accomplished by Growth Factors and Protein Peptides infusions.   Most people are excellent candidates for combining infusion treatments to achieve optimal results.

The method used for preparing the skin for infusion is also customized for each person’s skin type, skin tone, and overall goals.   The infusion methods used include DermoElectroPhoresis traditional MicroNeedling (using DermaPen) MicroNeedle RF, Cavitation Ultrasound, and Targeted Micro Injections.

 Step 3: Multi Depth LED Therapy

The last step of the BioStimulatory Infusion Treatment uses high-powered Multi-wavelength LED Phototherapy using the SaltFacial.  This powerful treatment uses patented LED to increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, increase healing, reduce bacteria, and improve circulation.   This final step allows our patients to leave our office with only slight redness after receiving an intense and effective treatment.

Prior to any treatment and procedure, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery provides a consultation with Dr. Chernoff or one of our Health Care Professions to discuss your skin and treatment goals.   During your consultation, we discuss the treatment risks, benefits, and alternative options.   Schedule a consultation to learn more about this treatment offered exclusively at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana.