Combining a Facelift and a Neck Lift for Better Results

At the same time that you first noticed wrinkles starting to appear on your face, you may have also noticed that the skin on your neck was sagging. Or maybe you noticed issues with your neck several months ago, and you are just beginning to frown over the lines appearing on your face. In either case, neck lifts and facelifts are available to rejuvenate the way that you look and to help you appear younger again. However, you don’t have to get these procedures done separately; you can have them completed at the same time. Doing so has several benefits for you to consider.
Less Overall Time
Instead of waiting until months or years down the road to have the look that you desire, you can look into the mirror shortly after the procedures and see the face that you remember from years ago. Getting the results that you want in a more efficient manner is always a positive. Also, while these procedures do not require extensive recovery time, you will likely feel a bit sore. Instead of having to deal with two separate recoveries, you can do them both at once.
Comprehensive Glamour
Let’s say that you opted to have only a facelift or neck lift performed – not combining both treatments. Perhaps you chose to have only the facelift. The way that your neck looks could impede your view of your face. In fact, since your face and neck are juxtaposed, the beauty of your face might make the wrinkles on your neck stand out even more. Addressing both the face and neck at once can give you a complete and total sense of beauty. You may very well find yourself happier with the results if you have them done together than one at a time.
Planning the Process
Before you have any procedure done, you will meet with Dr. Gregory Chernoff to discuss your concerns and your aesthetic goals. Knowing the specific areas that you would like to address during your facelift and neck lift procedures will help Dr. Chernoff and our medical team provide the best results. We’ll create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and we can recommend the safest and most effective treatments for you and your needs.
Schedule Your Consultation
The decision to have both a facelift and neck lift done at once might make you feel a bit uneasy, especially if you have never undergone any sort of similar procedure before. However, when you think about what you are going to look like after the procedures and when you see the end results, you will feel happy that you decide to embark on this journey. Contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

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