Dr. Chernoff’s Combination Deep Plane SMAS Customized Facelift

The earliest facelifts were single layer procedures that only tightened the skin. Good results were possible, but longevity and scar quality were limited by high wound healing tension on the skin.
Today, Dr. Chernoff, and other accomplished Facial Plastic Surgeons, perform Facelifts that include the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, or SMAS. The SMAS is a dense connective tissue layer in the cheek lying between the subcutaneous fat above and the muscles that control facial expression below. During Dr. Chernoff’s facelift procedure, he tightens the SMAS layer to increase skin and tissue lifting as well as to improve both procedure longevity and scar quality by taking off of tension the skin.
Dr. Chernoff’s Facelift is called a Deep Plane SMAS Facelift because it focuses on ligament release, and movement of muscle and fat layers, tissue lifting, and excess skin removal. His technique incorporates release of the ligaments tethering the deep plane layer to achieve tension-free movement so patients will not experience unnatural tightness. Dr. Chernoff’s Deep Plane SMAS Facelift improves facial volume, cheek contour, sagging skin, and jawline definition.
Dr. Chernoff has perfected a customized Facelift for each patient. By combining the Deep Plane and SMAS techniques, the underlying muscle, tissue, and skin can then be tightened in slightly different directions. This allows better control and customization in restoring individual facial shape. Additionally, he will use variations of SMAS layer treatment: either excising part of it or folding it on itself for patients whose laxity is primarily limited to the jowl area, and more extensive inward SMAS lifting for those that also need central cheek lifting. This technique helps to customize the procedures taking into account individual differences in facial shape due to bone structure, soft tissue bulk, and skin quality.
For some patients, Dr. Chernoff will perform a Minimal-Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) Facelift. This also called a Mini Facelift or Short Scar Facelift. The MACS technique is a slightly less invasive procedure with a smaller incision. It’s ideal for men and women who still have good skin and no sagging jowls. The procedure also targets the underlying muscular structures in your mid face but does not extend to include the jawline.