Dr. Greg Chernoff discusses Cellulite Treatment

Hello, I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to talk to you about a very popular procedure that we do surrounding excessive cellulite. Cellulite is the dimpling that many women see and for the most part it is very much an estrogen related problem, you don’t see many men walking around with cellulite. Very commonly it involves the buttock and women if it involves the buttock, I always recommend performing a Brazilian buttock enhancement for them. Where I’m able to harvest some fat from your abdomen and re-inject it into the fat in a manner that can be faced the valley or lift up the area that’s depressed. Cellulite that’s involved on the thigh and on the lower legs we utilize a form of therapy called radio frequency, radio frequency is the deepest form of penetrating electrical energy that I can submit to your body while you’re awake that you’ll tolerate and we know that the radio frequency helps to shrink up some of the surrounding tissue in the area of cellulite to help it to smooth out. So, if you suffer from cellulite there’s some very popular procedures that are very useful in treating this.