Dr. Greg Chernoff discusses the many names of Facelifts

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to talk to you about the operation called a iridectomy or in lay terms a facelift. This would be one of the most popular operations that I perform it’s also one of the most misunderstood with so many misconceptions. The nicest facelift is the facelift that you don’t know someone has had done, meaning we keep you looking natural, this fits in very well with my concept of your natural best. A facelift by and large achieves for things, it brings back the youthful bulk to the mid-face, it helps soften the marionette lines, it cleans up the jawline and it cleans up the neckline it’s a very minimally invasive operation with a healing time on average for patients of seven to ten days. We do this with you asleep I typically keep you overnight for the first night during your facelift and then we see you back every day for that first week. Because it’s your face and you can’t put your shirt over it you can’t put your pants over it many times patients are little anxious for a couple of days after the healing process. So, I think one of the nicest things that we do for use to hold your hand during your healing time and help you achieve the look that you’re wanting to. So, if you’re interested in a facelift I also believe that computer imaging is very valuable to help show you realistically what you can hope to achieve based upon your anatomy. So, I look forward to providing you with more information regarding the operation called a iridectomy or a facelift.

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