Frequently Asked Questions about Gender Change Surgery

If you don’t feel comfortable with your gender, you can contact the medical team at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery to undergo gender change surgery. Dr. Gregory Chernoff and his medical staff have decades of experience in gender reassignment surgery and a broad variety of cosmetic procedures that can help you reshape your physical appearance. Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions about gender change surgery.

What Is Gender Change Surgery?

Sex transformation surgery, also known as gender change surgery, is performed on individuals who want to change their gender – for whatever reason. Whether you are opting for male to female surgery or a female to male gender change, sex transformation surgery will alter your life forever.

Reasons Why People Undergo a Gender Change

The main reason many people undergo sex transformation surgery is because of gender dysphoria. This is a condition in which you feel that your physical gender does not match with the one you identify with. Gender dysphoria is not only uncomfortable and stressful but it can also cause you major impairment on a physical and social level.

What Does Gender Transformation Involve?

It typically involves gender change surgery, which includes a broad variety of cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, Adam’s apple reduction, forehead reduction, and jaw reshaping. All these procedures not only change your physical appearance, but also allow your physical appearance to match how you feel internally. Dr. Chernoff also offers breast augmentation, lip augmentation, and many other procedures to help you feel comfortable in your body.

What Is the Role of Hormone Therapy in a Gender Change?

Hormone replacement therapy involves the injection of testosterone for individuals who want to undergo female to male gender change or estrogen for those who want to undergo male to female transformation. The main reason why doctors use hormone therapy during gender transformation is to change your physical appearance and what you feel internally. For instance, the effects of testosterone on females include beard and mustache growth, deepening of the voice, increased growth of body hair, increased muscle mass and strength and redistribution of fat from thighs, hips and breasts to the abdominal area.

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Gender change surgery is a lengthy process that begins with a consultation with the experts at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery. To begin your gender transformation journey, contact Dr. Chernoff and his medical team at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana to determine if you are the right candidate. To try out this life-changing transformation, feel free to contact us today to schedule your consultation!