Functional Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is often used by people who do not like the shape, size or overall structure of their noses. This procedure can create facial balance and boost patient confidence. Although rhinoplasty is perceived as being a solely cosmetic treatment, it can also have a number of functional benefits for those with congenital defects and breathing issues.
Rhinoplasty Post-Accident
If you have a disfiguring injury that has impacted the look and functionality of your nose, rhinoplasty can restore your nose back to an acceptable condition. During procedures like these, doctors are just as concerned with usability as they are aesthetics. The results of a post-accident rhinoplasty procedure can, therefore, include a visually appealing nose structure with open, functional nasal passages for easy breathing.
Sleep Easier
While rhinoplasty is popular among people who want facial symmetry and balance, it is also widely used by those dealing with issues such as sleep apnea, a deviated septum, and other structural or functional defects. Surgery can be performed to open the nasal passages, adjust or fix a deviated septum and create a more stable bridge or larger nostril openings.
Rhinoplasty is frequently used as a long-lasting, corrective treatment for sleep apnea among those who’ve had little success with other treatment options. Moreover, patients who are reliant on CPAP machines will also find it much easier to use this equipment after having had this treatment performed.
Candidates for Rhinoplasty Surgery
Rhinoplasty may be right for you if you have congenital defects or traumatic injuries that affect the structural integrity or functionality of your nose. This procedure can correct noses that are asymmetrical as the result of injury, internal irregularities that affect breathing and nostrils that are excessively pinched or flared. When a patient’s concerns are purely cosmetic, these treatments can address issues such as a bulbous or pointed nose tip, an enlarged, drooping or protruding nose tip and a nose that is off-center or crooked among other things.
Acceptable candidates for this procedure are in good general health and have realistic expectations for their treatment outcomes. When consulting with our experts, be sure to discuss any chronic health issues that you have and to list the medications that you’re currently taking.
Learn More Today
Rhinoplasty has been helping people feel better about themselves for many decades. It’s also a very effective treatment for resolving congenital defects, traumatic injuries and internal problems that affect the overall nose structure and nasal breathing. With an individualized treatment plan, you can gain facial balance and symmetry and can start breathing easier.
If you are considering rhinoplasty, visit Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, with locations in Indianapolis, Santa Rosa, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. Our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way as you determine if this procedure is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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