Get Great Results with Liposuction

Exercising multiple times a week and sticking to a healthy diet will eventually help you burn off fat, but it might take years to reach your ideal weight. Losing stubborn body fat in areas such as the stomach and thighs is especially frustrating, and there is no way to target that soft tissue with specific foods or workouts. Over the last few decades, millions of patients have been able to quickly and safely achieve their cosmetic goals with liposuction. This amazing procedure takes just weeks to recover from, and the results could last for the rest of your life with healthy lifestyle habits.
Why Won’t My Stubborn Fat Disappear?
Losing weight is much more complicated than most people realize, and that is just one of the reasons why this process can be so aggravating. Burning more calories than you consume will force your body to metabolize soft tissue as a new source of energy, but it won’t always burn the stubborn fat that you are trying to get rid of. Some patients even begin to lose muscle mass before they start seeing any changes to the stomach, back, buttocks, and thighs. Liposuction is a popular procedure that gives our team the ability to sculpt the body of your dreams in just a few hours. This procedure is not a replacement for healthy eating and exercise. Liposuction should be used to get rid of stubborn fat that you can’t lose despite a healthy lifestyle.
The Basics of Liposuction
Liposuction can be carried out almost anywhere on the body, but most of our patients decide to have fat removed from the midsection. During this procedure, our team will break the fat apart and extract it from the body. In addition to removing fat, we can also alter the position of the skin and underlying muscle to create a smooth, toned appearance.
Getting Ready for Your Procedure
Patients who want to see the best results need to have a healthy lifestyle in place before undergoing this procedure. You will also need to speak with our surgeon about any medical issues or medications that could impact the results or your recovery. Patients who are struggling with secondary health problems might need to address those ailments before considering cosmetic surgery.
The Brand New You
One of the reasons why liposuction has become so popular is because the results will often last for years. During this procedure, we physically extract fatty tissue from the body, meaning you can maintain the results as long as you eat and exercise properly. We will help you come up with a comprehensive diet and exercise plan that minimizes your recovery time and gets you right back on your feet.
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