Should I Get an IPL Facial?

You may have heard the term IPL facial and have found yourself wondering if you could benefit from one. In order to answer that question, a little understanding of what IPL facials consist of, as well as the conditions for which they are used, can be helpful.
IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is a therapy that uses bursts of concentrated light waves to rejuvenate the skin. These treatments work in a similar fashion as laser therapy, but the light waves are less intense. As a result, the treatments are milder and can have less discomfort associated with them.
IPL therapy in Santa Rosa is done when a special unit is moved across the surface of the skin above the areas that are being treated. The wavelengths are such that the energy is directed primarily at the lower layers of the skin, where most of the rejuvenation processes take place.
Stimulating the growth of collagen is part of the benefits of an IPL facial. Collagen is that substance that helps to provide fullness. As a result, it keeps the skin tight and free from lines and wrinkles.
Signs of aging like sagging of the skin and the development of wrinkles and fine lines are caused by a lack of a sufficient amount of collagen to keep the skin tight. As you grow older, your body naturally slows down its rate of collagen production. This causes the skin to become loose. It will then start to sag, and the wrinkles will show up.
Some of the most common places for lines and wrinkles are along the edges of the eyes, in which case, they are often referred to as crow’s feet. The jowls can begin to sag, leading to wrinkles around the mouth. Wrinkles across the forehead are common signs of aging as well. By focusing the IPL energy on these areas, collagen will begin to grow until it reaches a level that is adequate for keeping the skin tight. Consequently, the wrinkles will disappear.
Many people get IPL facials to help eliminate brown spots on the skin. These spots are sometimes referred to as age spots because they typically show up after a person is well into their adult years. However, referring to them as sunspots more accurately describes how they originate.
Dark spots on the skin are there because melanin has become concentrated in small patches. Melanin is the material that provides pigment. Its levels naturally increase in response to sunlight. This is the skin’s way or protecting itself against the harmful UV rays. It is how you get that golden tan as the Summer months grow nearer. For some reason, when this process is repeated a number of times from year to year, melanin will permanently concentrate in spots rather than spread out evenly through the skin. IPL facials can help to break up the concentrated melanin. When this happens, you will be left with more evenly toned skin.
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