IPL for Facial Rejuvenation without Surgery

If you feel like your skin has become dull, wrinkled or uneven over the years, your face may show the results of the aging process. You want to go back to how you looked years before when you were younger.  Yet you may not want to go through surgery to achieve the results you want. So what do you do? Luckily, modern technology is on your side.
IPL therapy is a great option for those who have wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone, age spots or acne scarring on their face or neck. The IPL facial rejuvenation process reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives you a smoother, more youthful appearance all around on your face and neck.
If you get the IPL facial rejuvenation procedure, you do not have to have surgery, and you will notice the skin on your face becoming noticeably rejuvenated the first treatment. You will also have no downtime so you can go right back to doing whatever you need to do after the process is complete. The IPL therapy is a great non-surgical alternative to having a face or neck lift. It can give you a more youthful, rested appearance without any invasive surgery.
After your IPL treatment is complete, you will see improvements in your skin for a few months. It is best to get anywhere from two to six treatments done to get the highest level of results possible. Most procedures are done about a month apart. During your consultation, Dr. Chernoff can discuss the optimal treatment plan for your specific needs.
The aging process is unavoidable, and can be hard to bear when there are visible signs of aging on your skin. IPL facial rejuvenation treatments work well for men or women of any skin type or tone who want dramatic results that do not include surgery or large recovery times. Patients have good results, and collagen regenerates faster to give a more youthful complexion.
If you are interested in experiencing the facial rejuvenating effects of IPL laser therapy, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery can help. We have offices in Indianapolis, Santa Rosa, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. During your consultation, Dr. Greg Chernoff will review your aesthetic concerns and goals. Together with you, Dr. Chernoff will create a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and your skin. Contact Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. We offer many different surgical and non-surgical options to help you get the results you want.

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