Rhinoplasty to Alleviate Chronic Sinus Symptoms

If you experience many sinus issues, you may wonder what can be done to help alleviate the problems. Sinus symptoms can make you downright miserable and it is reasonable to assume you would want to get rid of them if possible. Since sinus congestion goes along with your nose, you might wonder if rhinoplasty is an option to get rid of or at least make sinus issues better.
Rhinoplasty is know more colloquially as a “nose job,” and it is designed to reshape your nose. When you get rhinoplasty, the doctor makes an incision inside your nostril or between your nostrils. Once the doctor has access to the inside of your nose, tissue and cartilage can be added or taken away or even moved in order to change the shape of the nose.
If you get frequent headaches because of the pressure building up around your nose and face, these are often called sinus headaches. Sinuses are empty spaces behind the bones in your face and around your nose region. They also lie in your upper cheeks and forehead. They have a lot of functions relating to breathing and when they are functioning properly, they are not blocked in any way.
When your sinuses become blocked or backed up, bacteria can grow and cause infections. These infections are often called sinusitis. They bring with them headaches, mucous, excess fluid and many other great symptoms. Sinuses can become blocked or clogged up in a number of ways. Many people get clogged because of allergies that come with certain seasons. Other people just get a common cold. There can even be abnormalities like deviated nasal septums that can cause issues.
If you suspect nasal issues, a CT scan can help diagnose that. Opening sinuses with drainage in certain procedures can help to improve your symptoms. Some people also wonder if rhinoplasty can help alter the sinus region.
While rhinoplasty does not change the sinuses themselves, it can help alleviate symptoms from chronic sinusitis. It all depends on what is causing the sinus issue in the first place. If a deviated septum is causing the sinus problems, rhinoplasty is a great solution. The nasal septum is the portion of the nose that divides the airways that go into the nostrils. Some people have septums that are not centered. That can be harmless, or it can obstruct breathing and cause sinus issues. Rhinoplasty can correct this issue and that may very well alleviate or eliminate sinus infections and issues.
If you are interested in rhinoplasty to alleviate chronic sinus symptoms, the best thing you can do is meet with Dr. Gregory Chernoff and our team at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery. Describe your issues and see if a possible deviated septum is causing the problems. Then you can talk about rhinoplasty in detail and get better expectations about what it entails and what you will need to do before and after the surgery.