The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

One of the most common types of plastic surgery in the world, eyelid surgery offers many benefits for patients looking to enhance their appearance. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA specializes in helping patients address sagging or puffiness around the eyelids with this procedure. Issues with eyelids result from aging, consistent exposure to sun or other factors that might cause a hooded, droopy appearance to the eyes. It is possible to remedy this cosmetic issue to gain a more youthful, bright-eyed appearance. Some benefits of eyelid surgery include:
A Refreshed Appearance
If you always look tired, even when you’ve had plenty of sleep the night prior, then this procedure might be right for you. Aging, sun, lifestyle habits and other factors can all result in a droopy-looking eyelid. This makes you look much less tired than you are, particularly if you combine this hooded eyelid with excess fat and puffiness around the bottom of the eyes. This surgery removes that excess fat deposits and eradicates dark areas under the eye to result in a much more refreshed, youthful look.
Eradicates Fine Lines
For those combatting Father Time, the erasure of fine lines around the eyes is one way to help win the battle. This procedure can reduce those lines around the eyes, which are common tells of the aging process. Combined with the mitigation of drooping eyelids and dark circles, line removal means that the entire face looks more refreshed and younger.
Eye Shape Enhancement
Through the process of lifting the eyelids, this procedure enhances natural eye shape and can even make it more pronounced. For those looking for a dramatic improvement in appearance, enhancing the shape of the eyes is an important step.
Eyelid Surgery
Recovery from this procedure is relatively quick though it varies for each individual patient. For more, less than a week is necessary to get back to a normal routine. Follow-up care is essential and guides a quick and effective healing process. To learn more about the benefits of eyelid surgery, schedule a consultation with the experts at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA.

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