The Top Seven Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that can reshape and resize a person’s nose. It is colloquially known as a “nose job” and is popular among those whose nose is disproportionate to their face or asymmetrical. It can correct the shape of nostrils as well as a nasal bridge that has lumps and twisted nose tips. When done correctly, rhinoplasty can create facial harmony, improve the overall appearance of the nose and even help with breathing problems. Rhinoplasty is a safe and effective treatment, so you have little cause for concern. However, it’s important to recover in the right way, so see these tips for the best results for rhinoplasty recovery and get in touch if you have more questions.

1. Set Aside Healing Time
Most patients take at least a week from work or school. During this time, sleep with your head elevated.
2. Get Plenty of Sleep
If you wish to recover properly, you’ll have to get enough sleep. Rest doesn’t necessarily mean spending your day in bed, but rather allowing yourself the time and space to relax and avoiding strenuous activities.
3. Watch Your Activity in the First Few Weeks
During the first three weeks of your rhinoplasty recovery, it is recommended to avoid spicy and salty foods and to avoid blowing your nose. You will observe an improved nose appearance over the next six months even as the internal areas continue to heal.
4. Talk to Our Doctor
Our doctor can advise you on how best to handle congestion, blowing your nose, or any other nose-related issues that may arise in the course of your rhinoplasty recovery process.
5. Be Patient
During your first postoperative visit, all sutures, casts, and dressings will be removed. You will immediately recognize some changes following your rhinoplasty procedure. Expect to receive compliments from friends and family after this!
6. Wear Sunscreen and Hats
Wearing these two for several months can help promote healing. However, avoid wearing glasses in the first four weeks. If you must, then tape them to your forehead or use a cushion like foam between your nose and the glasses.
7. Be Careful
Watch out for pets, kids or anyone else bumping your nose. Also, avoid workouts for at least two weeks.
At Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, IN, we want you to look and feel your best. To boost your confidence and re-imagine your nose, schedule a consultation with our experts and get your questions about rhinoplasty recovery answered!