Tips for Undergoing a Neck Lift Procedure

Neck lift surgery is typically performed in conjunction with a facelift, brow lift, and other facial rejuvenation procedures.  In general, it uses a small incision beneath the chin to tighten the pair of separated platysma muscles responsible for the appearance of neck bands. A neck lift is one of the many cosmetic procedures offered by Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery.

Find a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

A good rule of thumb is to choose a qualified plastic surgeon who performs neck lift and its ancillary procedures on a regular basis.  Also, scrutinize their before-and-after photos to make sure that they are able to deliver natural-looking results.
Simply put, a great surgeon knows how to avoid surgical stigmata with meticulous surgical techniques.

Achieve Your Optimal Health and Weight Prior to Surgery

As with any elective surgery, a neck lift entails that you are healthy and are near your ideal weight.  After all, large weight fluctuations after surgery may result in the recurrence of skin and tissue laxity.

If you have diabetes, hypertension, and other serious medical conditions, you may not be considered a good candidate for neck lift unless these are well under controlled through weight loss, medications, diet, or lifestyle changes.

Be Transparent and Well-Detailed During Consultation

Never omit or hide any medical condition, drug use (over-the-counter, supplements, and even recreational drugs), smoking and alcohol consumption, and previous surgery during the consultation.  Take note that these may affect your healing or even the procedure’s results.
In general, drugs and supplements with blood-thinning effects are discontinued one to two weeks before surgery, whereas smoking and other nicotine products are completely avoided for a minimum of three weeks to prevent healing problems, bleeding, and other complications.

Promote Healing

The best way to promote healing is to control the postop bruising and swelling through these modalities

  • Head elevation at all times for at least seven to ten days post-op
  • Low sodium diet
  • Light exercise such as walking (no strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for a few weeks)
  • Good hydration.

Consider Combing Other Procedures With a Neck Lift

As a stand-alone procedure, a neck lift can have a powerful rejuvenation effect.  Nonetheless, aging generally affects facial areas at almost the same rate and thus you may need ancillary procedures to achieve a more natural and more harmonious result.

Common procedures that complement neck lift include facelift, fat transfer, dermal fillers, eyelid surgery, brow lift, and face/neck liposuction.
For more information about a neck lift or any of our other cosmetic procedures, contact the experts at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis, CA today to schedule your initial consultation!

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